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We have carefully selected the most sought-after tablecloths, with the latest design and superior quality. For the dishes to look good, they must have a good background.

High quality tablecloth, produced with resistant cotton in Spain.

  • Anti-stain finish, repels liquids and facilitates maintenance
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth
  • ECOnomizes the use of water and detergent by having to wash it less times
  • OEKO-TEX certified, ecological label without substances harmful to health
  • Machine washable, max 30º, do not use bleach

Model: SAND

Material: 80% COTTON AND 20% POLYESTER


The estimated delivery time is 2-7 business days. We will work on your order so you can enjoy it as soon as possible!

Shipping to Spain:

- Shipping is free for orders over €65

- For purchases under €65, shipping costs are €4.95

Shipments to Portugal:

- Shipping is free for orders over €100

- For purchases under €65 €100 shipping costs are €6.95

Shipping to Germany and France:

- Shipping is free from €200

- For purchases under €200 shipping costs are €19.95

Shipping to Italy:

- Shipping is free from €250

- For purchases less than €250 shipping costs are €26.95

Shipping to Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia:

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- For purchases of less than €250, shipping costs are €22.95

Shipping to Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania and the United Kingdom:

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- For purchases less than €250 the shipping costs are €26.95

Shipping to Denmark, Finland and Sweden:

- Shipping is free from €300

- For purchases less than €300 the Shipping costs are €39.95

Breakage-free delivery guarantee

Transporting tableware is complicated: frequent breakages and companies that do not take care of it.

At M de Mesa we are experts in packaging and we ensure its arrival in perfect condition. We have packaging techniques so that you can receive your order, in its entirety.

YES we take charge.

If, despite everything, your order arrives broken, we will take care of it without questions.

Commitment to nature

At M de Mesa we are committed to nature, that is why each of our processes is environmentally optimized to the maximum in order to contribute our grain of sand.

We also ensure that all our manufacturers meet the basic requirements of ethics and environmental commitment.

Top quality

All our pieces are of the highest quality, it is one of our pillars. The treatments that each product receives in its manufacturing process are state-of-the-art, which ensures a quality, resistant and long-lasting piece.


Many of our products are not for sale, as soon as we receive them they go to those who have reserved them. Do not regret!

The reservation service time is 5-7 business days.

We will contact you when the product is available. You can have your favorite tableware before anyone else!


We have a minuscule return rate... offering maximum quality and good service pays off.

In any case, you have 14 days from when you receive your order to make returns.

M Table Collection

In our first collection with our own brand, we have captured the values ​​that M de Mesa represents: quality and design.

They are pieces produced in Italy with high quality ceramics. Each one of them made by hand during the entire production process, and accompanied by a machine during 15% of the process.

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